Your business snapshot

In today’s business world every business encounters a situation where they may look for advice and assistance in a variety of situations. We have put together a team of professionals who understand their fields thoroughly and able to assist other business’ with their needs.

Calaygo can analyze the situation, formulate a strategy and execute that strategy.  With our  extensive experience in discovering solutions and protecting and selling assets you can be assured that every step will be taken to bring your company back to being profitable.  No matter the size or type of your business or real estate, we can take charge of your concerns.

You can have confidence knowing that our firm includes professionals able to work with multiple clients on a variety of projects. We can develop different types of business proposals, strategies and plan of actions that cover a variety of situations and needs in the long or short term.

Calaygo can offer a snapshot of your business and identify areas where the business excels in and the areas where improvement can be made. We do this by gathering information that includes the following:

  • Type of business
  • Years in business
  • Current assets and liabilities (Inventory)
  • Sales history
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Current and Past history
  • Current business trends vs. Market trends
  • Current and Past economic factors in local and area wide market.

Once Calaygo is assigned to your case, we undertake the real estate, business assets, examine how the operation is being run and conduct a detailed checklist of the assets.  Our goal is to protect and strengthen the value of your real estate, business or assets.  You can be rest assured with Calaygo knowing that your assets are professionally managed no matter the circumstances.  Once we have completed our thorough business assessment we present our findings to our clients. It is at this point where we discuss our recommended plan of action to the client.